The African AIDS Vaccine Virtual Network: AAVVi.net

AAVVi.net helps stakeholders come together to exchange information, share resources and collaborate to develop meeting plans, consensus documents, or papers that aim to advance the search for vaccine candidates for Africa. AAVVi.net also prioritizes outreach to early career researchers in an effort to engage their participation and ensure that their priorities and needs for information receive sufficient attention.

Many stakeholders provided input to shape AAVVi.net through formal and informal meetings and one-on-one consultations. Some of the key meetings and consultations that led to the formation of AAVVi.net can be found on our Contributors page.

AAVVi.net is a virtual network, open to all who are interested in increasing African participation in HIV vaccine R&D. AAVVi.net is a user-driven resource.  It has no legal entity, no staff, and no formal membership. Instead, AAVVi.net’s activities are coordinated by a Steering Group and implemented by rotating working groups, and its success is dependent on the participation and contributions of its users.

AAVVi.net working groups address a wide range of topics affecting the field.  For example, an AAVVi.net working group organized a satellite showcasing African science at HIVR4P 2016.  Another working group is developing training and career resources for the AAVVi.net website, while another has applied for funding for logistical support to the recent request for proposals from the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). The Steering Group with stakeholder input will define and coordinate working groups.

There is no secretariat, but AAVVi.net will be coordinated initially by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, which will provide support to the Steering Group as well as to the Working Groups and establish the AAVVi.net website.

The AAVVi.net Champions are an advisory group to AAVVi.net comprised of five emerging African leaders in charge of defining governance and operational structures for this newly formed virtual network with support of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise. For more information on the Champions go to our News & Views section.

There is no membership – all are welcome and anyone interested in advancing the objectives of AAVVi.net can participate and join any of the network’s working groups. Sign up here!

AAVP, the former African AIDS Vaccine Partnership, was a more formal network of African stakeholders in vaccine development, with a governing board, secretariat, and staff.  While AAVP played an important role in supporting the development of African HIV vaccine research capacity, AAVVi.net’s more nimble model is more appropriate to where the field is today, and the type of support it needs to move forward.

Since AAVVi.net is a user-driven virtual network, its operational costs will be very low.  We expect to fund those costs through commitments from donors and from African governments. Some logistical support will also be provided by the EDCTP regional Networks of Excellence.

Your participation is vital to the success of AAVVi.net.  We are currently looking for participation to develop the following sections of the AAVVi.net website:

  • News from the field, including participant stories, your organization’s press releases, and blog entries
  • Resource lists, including a list of African organizations and their capabilities
  • Meeting calendars, including opportunities for meetups, both formal and informal, at local, regional, or international meetings

Email us at info@aavvi.net if you’d like to be part of a working group or contribute to the website.