Contributors would like to thank the many stakeholders that provided input to shape in one-on-one discussions, informal side meetings, and formal meetings. Notable meetings included: an ICASA side meeting in Cape Town in December 2013, a USAID expert consultation on African HIV vaccine research in Nairobi in May 2014 “For Africa, with Africa: The next generation of HIV vaccine research and development”, a Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise meeting “Considerations for a Pan-African HIV vaccine development Agenda” in Kigali in March 2015, and an ICASA side meeting in Harare in December 2015.

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, with leadership from Pontiano Kaleebu, MRC/UVRI Uganda, spearheaded efforts to operationalize this virtual network.


The Champions worked with Pontiano Kaleebu and the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise to set direction, and defined governance and operational structures for prior to the establishment of the Steering Group.

  • William Kilembe, Zambia-Emory HIV Research Project, Zambia
  • Francis Kiweewa, Makerere University Walter Reed Project, Uganda
  • Jauhara Nanyondo, Makerere University Walter Reed Project, Uganda
  • Julien Nyombayire, Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group, Rwanda
  • Marcel Tongo, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

  • Amapola Manrique
  • Gabriella Scarlatti
  • Adam Winters


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